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Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 24 May 2021


And we’re kicking off the week with new details on fintech startups, the development of the fintech industry in China, corruption across the globe, European merchants, banking, cyber resilience and mortgage management. Dive into the latest fintech insights and have a great start of the week!

How This Fintech Startup Scored Investments From Major VCs And Celebrities (Forbes)

Nina Bambysheva, writer at Forbes, and Andy Bromberg, Chief Executive Officer of Eco, explore the drives behind the success of the Eco company, a digital wallet that pays 2.5% yields on deposits, up to 5% with friend referrals, as well as 5% cashback at merchants including Amazon, Uber, DoorDash, and, most recently, Instacart. Read more

3 FinTech giants making waves in the Chinese market (IbsIntelligence)

Leandra Monteiro, writer at IBS Intelligence, dives into the fintech industry in China and highlights that Chinese consumers have readily adopted fintech facilities, such as online banking, digital currencies, money transfers, payments, crowdfunding, lending, investments, and insurance. The 3 fintech companies that play an important role in shaping the financial service industry in this country are Ant Financial, Ping An Technology, and Tencent. Read more

Unbundling Corruption: Why it matters and how to do it (OECD)

Yuen Yuen Ang, Political Scientist at the University of Michigan, expresses the opinion that corruption, in general, persists and manifests itself in multiple forms. Instead of asking “Which country is most (or least) corrupt?”, both analysts and practitioners should consider a different set of questions: “Which country is dominated by what type of corruption? Why? With what consequences? How can we fight different types of corruption?”. Read more

Are European merchants paying more than ever to accept card payments? (The Paypers)

Martha Southall, Economist at CMSPI, explores the main factors influencing the rising tide of acceptance costs for European merchants. In 2020, on average, European merchants were paying more to accept card transactions than they had prior to regulation. This significant finding was based on fee increases alone, but card fees are only one part of the story. The rest is explained by changes to merchants’ transaction profiles. Read more

What Banks Need to Know About Cyber Resiliency (

Krystal Rennie, Communications Manager at Adlumin Inc, concludes that resiliency is the key for the knowledge and strength it takes for banks to overcome setbacks on an individual and organizational level. Many dangers exist that can have a detrimental impact on a bank’s daily operations and overall reputation. The main three threats to the bank’s cybersecurity posture include: data breaches, cybercrime and human error. Read more

How can one ensure financial stability alongside having a mortgage? (Fintech Global)

Writers at Fintech Global cited takeaways from the weathertech firm Kidbrooke that people must invest time into financial planning before putting in money towards a mortgage. It’s no secret that mortgages, or homeownership lending, is a key macroeconomic driver and a crucial mechanism for the transmission of monetary decisions. Read more

In the trenches of digital transformation (Fintech Talents)

Gilad Amir, Operating Partner for Technology at Pollen Capital, emphasizes that while there are different drivers to the unprecedented pace in the fintech industry, these come down to the confluence of two mega factors: clear shift from utility to distribution and customer ownership” and tech commoditization. Read more

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