Weekly Research Highlights – 15 June 2021

Explore the latest data on open banking, AI, CBDCs, mobile banking, bank identity check, equity investing, digital transformation, modern banking in Europe. Dive into the selection and discover new insights and statistical analyses. Enjoy reading!

Open Banking: The Dawn of Collaborative Innovation (

This study looks at open banking ecosystem initiatives and takes a predictive shot at the future course of the financial services industry transformation, enabled by the collaboration between incumbents, insurgents, enablers, and new entrants. While several incumbent banks across the globe have launched greenfield/brownfield digital banks, there is a real impetus coming from leveraging the potential platformification opportunities that open banking presents. Read more

A Global Perspective: The Possibilities in International Equity Investing (

This article presents charts for international equity investing, which touches on equity home bias, stock exchange by market cap, correlations between the US and international stock markets, alternative revenue sources, exposure to economic growth from other regions, exposure to innovation, equity horizons, and more. Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fintech Market 2021 global outlook, research, trends and forecast to 2026 (

This study examines global artificial intelligence (AI) in the fintech market, defines market sizes of different segments & countries in recent years and forecasts the values to the coming eight years. The report is designed to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the industry within each of the regions and countries involved in the study. Furthermore, the report also caters the detailed information about the crucial aspects such as driving factors & challenges which will define the future growth of the market. Read more

CBDC beyond borders: BIS results from a survey of central banks (Payments Cards & Mobile)

This paper explores initial thinking on the cross-border use of CBDCs and addresses a wide range of economic and policy issues, including their potential to enhance cross-border payments. Findings show that a number of central banks are open to allowing tourists and other non-residents to use CBDCs within their own jurisdiction (in addition to residents). Fewer central banks are open to allowing usage of their CBDC by non-residents abroad, given the risks this may entail for the issuing and recipient economies. Read more

CIBC’s mobile app tops Canadian banking customer survey (

According to Insider Intelligence’s inaugural Canada Mobile Banking Emerging Features Benchmark report, the bank’s new mobile banking features could have aided its scores, though not all of the features resonate with Canadian banking customers. The feature was the lowest in demand for the customer service section of our survey, with just 5.1% deeming it extremely valuable. Only two out of seven surveyed banks offered a virtual assistant when the study was conducted, suggesting that it could become a competitive differentiator if CIBC can persuade customers that it’s worth having. Read more

Modernising banks in Europe (IBS Insights)

This paper takes a deep dive into understanding the challenges, trends, and strategic implications for small and mid-sized banks, based on discussions with banks and subject matter experts within the European banking industry. It shows that the cost of technology modernisation is a major hurdle for banks and a key consideration when deciding on strategy and the solution approach. Small and mid-sized banks that are far more cost-sensitive than large banks should explore alternative modernisation approaches such as a SaaS platform. Read more

Bank identity checks push one in four consumers to a competitor (Payments Cards & Mobile)

The data from this research reveals the levels of consumer tolerance to new account opening security checks. With 23% of UK respondents admitting to going to a competitor if asked to visit a branch or post documents as part of the digital application process, it’s clear that financial services providers need to get the balance right on security checks and a smooth customer journey. Consumers between the ages of 25-34 – millennials – are the least tolerant to disruption caused by the ID checking process. Read more 


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