Weekly Analysis and Opinion Highlights – 5 July 2021

And we’re kicking off the week with analyses from the most incredible experts in fintech on topics such as green finance, customer experience, neobanks, security, SMEs. Have a good read and enjoy the selected materials.

Financing a green and digital recovery

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank argues that it is necessary to add another element to our post-pandemic recovery plan, which is to match NGEU with a green capital markets union (CMU) – a truly green European capital market that transcends national borders. Green capital markets would not only help the climate transition, but also the digital transformation of our economy. Green and digital investments are often two sides of the same coin. For instance, digital technologies such as smart urban mobility, precision agriculture and sustainable supply chains are critical to the green transition. Read more

This fintech has big plans for the U.S. with a focus on helping expats send money to family back home (MarketWatch)

Emily Bary, writer at MarketWatch, highlights that the world of digital financial services is crowded, and Revolut executives are betting that the privately held company’s global focus will help it continue to win new customers. Revolut Ltd. sees big opportunities to further expand its business internationally as more people seek digital options to manage their money. Read more

Four Trends In Fintech And How They’re Modernizing The Consumer Experience (Forbes)

Matthew Harris, Contributor at Fintech, explores four trends that demonstrate how fintech innovations are streamlining the user experience and transforming the financial landscape. Fintech will continue to become deeply embedded in almost every aspect of the digital tools we use every day, making it simpler and faster to access financial services when and where we need them. This will only be possible with the continued development of embeddable infrastructure. Read more

How ramping up tech acquisitions can help financial institutions beat neobanks in the banking game (Fintech Global)

Writers at Fintech Global emphasize that fintechs  have cemented their place in the ecosystem and helped change the tides of banking. The new benchmark in economic and digital performance and customer engagement across channels are inexorably led by Fintechs and challenger banks. Read more

Everything you think you know about Fintech is false  (Fintech talents)

Liz Lumley, blogger at Fintech Talents, explains that fintech wasn’t a set of companies or a sector or a contactless app to allow you to digitally donate to the Salvation Army at Christmas. Fintech was a mindset – a group of people, from many different companies – who wanted to make banking better. Fintech is a living ecosystem of incumbent players, startups, progressive tech providers and forward-looking thinkers seeking to make financial services better. Read more

BIM: Why is it important for the security sector? (IFSEC Global)

James Moore, editor at IFSEC Global, finds out why security tech and devices need to be properly considered early on in specification and why the industry needs to enhance its understanding of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) process. Building Information Modelling – or BIM, as it is known – continues to evolve and has changed significantly in the past five years. Education is therefore key for stakeholders to ensure they reap the rewards of a process which values and utilises data above all else. Read more

Will SMEs’ altruism continue post-Covid? (Raconteur)

Virginia Matthews, writer at Raconteur, underlines that SMEs are the heartbeat of their local communities. Despite the problems that have blighted much of the business world over the past 16 months, many smaller firms in the UK have proved this by going the extra mile to support key workers and help the most vulnerable members of society during the pandemic. Read more

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