Weekly Research Highlights – 26 October 2021

For this week’s research article, we dive into new insights on human errors, insurtech, business activity, payments,  funding and SMEs. Happy reading!

Understand the mistakes that compromise your company’s security (Tessian)
This report by Tessian explains how by learning the psychology behind human error, businesses can better understand how to prevent mistakes from happening before they turn into breaches. Mistakes can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation, bottom line, and future. In fact, 85% of data breaches are caused by human error. Read more.

Investment pours in for biometric startups developing new services (Biometric Update)
Frank Hersey, a tech reporter for Biometric Update, highlights Biometrics firms Smile Identity, Zenus and OneWave, which are reporting successful funding rounds for products ranging from ‘ethical facial recognition’ to smartcards with inbuilt fingerprint readers. Read more.

Marco Zeiss, writer at EUISS, presents the 2021 Yearbook of European Security, which provides an overview of events in 2020 that were significant for European security and it charts major developments in the EU’s external action and security and defence policy. The 2021 Yearbook of European Security contains region- and issue-specific sections, timelines of key events, lists of core EU documents, excerpts of relevant EUISS publications and an index. Read more.

EIF Working Paper 2021/074: EIF Venture Capital Survey 2021: Market sentiment (EIF)
The EIF VC Survey, the EIF Private Equity Mid-Market Survey, and the EIF Business Angels Survey (the largest combined regular survey exercises among GPs and Business Angels on a pan-European level) provide an opportunity to retrieve unique market insights. This publication is based on the results of the 2021 EIF VC Survey. The paper focuses on the market sentiment and the impact of COVID-19. The study looks at the current situation, developments in the recent past and expectations for the future. The main results are summarised and compared over time. Read more.

ESG reporting for growth companies (Venture-Network)
Writers of this report highlight the fact that Sustainable finance is playing an increasingly important role on the capital market – both for companies and for investors. Investment targets are selected with a view to environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) criteria, and the topic has become firmly established within the start-up ecosystem. For founders, the incorporation of ESG principles into their business model from the outset opens up vast opportunities, in terms of future growth and attracting investors. Read more.

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