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Bird&Bird Navigating the Changing Landscape of BNPL Regulations

As the world of finance continues to evolve, one area that has gained significant traction is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services. These platforms offer consumers the convenience of interest-free short-term loans, allowing them to spread payments over a few weeks or months. However, the rapid rise of BNPL has prompted regulators in various countries to consider the need for new regulations to protect consumers and ensure fair practices in this growing sector.

The Appeal of BNPL Services

BNPL services have become a go-to option for consumers looking to make purchases without the burden of immediate payments. The interest-free nature of these loans has made them a popular choice, and many consumers appreciate the flexibility they offer. Traditionally, BNPL providers have enjoyed certain exemptions from consumer credit regulations, such as bypassing the need for credit checks.

The Regulatory Challenge

While BNPL services offer numerous advantages, regulatory authorities in countries like the UK, Australia, Netherlands, and Denmark have raised concerns. These concerns revolve around whether existing regulatory frameworks adequately safeguard consumers, particularly those who may find themselves at a higher risk of facing financial difficulties.

Beyond Financial Regulations

In addition to reviewing the financial aspects of BNPL services, regulators are increasingly focusing on the marketing and advertising practices associated with these platforms. BNPL services are frequently promoted on social media, which has prompted authorities to consider whether stricter regulations are needed in this area.

Bird & Bird’s BNPL Regulatory Tracker

To keep both consumers and industry players informed about the evolving BNPL regulatory landscape, Bird & Bird’s Financial Regulation team has developed a dedicated BNPL Regulatory Tracker. This comprehensive tool offers the latest insights into BNPL legislation and guidance from Bird & Bird’s local teams across various jurisdictions.

The BNPL Regulatory Tracker is regularly updated to provide the most current information. It also includes details of key contacts within Bird & Bird for each jurisdiction, making it easy to get in touch with experts who can provide further information.

Here’s a quick key to understanding the tracker:


  • BNPL specific legislation has been passed
  • BNPL legislative change is underway
  • BNPL regulated under existing legislation

Stay Informed and Engage

As BNPL regulation continues to evolve, staying informed is essential, whether you’re a consumer concerned about financial well-being or a BNPL provider navigating regulatory changes. Bird & Bird’s BNPL Regulatory Tracker is a valuable resource to track these changes and understand the status of BNPL regulation in different countries.

For more information on BNPL regulation in specific jurisdictions or to access the BNPL Regulatory Tracker, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bird & Bird‘s experts. Stay tuned for more insights into trending financial topics and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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