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Alto Global Processing partnering with WLPayments for Enhanced Client Solutions

In a significant development within the payment solutions landscape, Alto Global Processing has officially partnered with WLPayments. This collaboration is poised to utilize the white-label payment orchestration platform technology provided by WLPayments, enabling Alto Global Processing to deliver advanced and seamless solutions to its clients. The integration of WLPayments’ payment orchestration platform technology marks a strategic move for Alto Global Processing, aimed at elevating its suite of client solutions. The alliance is driven by a shared vision of providing top-notch experiences and a joint commitment to simplifying complex payment processes.

Empowering Client Solutions

Alto Global Processing’s collaboration with WLPayments underscores its commitment to employing cutting-edge technology for exceptional client service. By harnessing the capabilities of WLPayments, the partnership seeks to offer tailored, efficient solutions that cater to diverse client needs. Luca Bizzotto, CEO of Alto Global Processing, emphasizes the dedication to enriching businesses’ online payment capabilities through this collaboration. The goal is to equip merchants with the means to refine processes, encompassing fraud management, dispute resolution, and data analytics, all contributing to sustained growth.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Sunil Jhamb, CEO of WLPayments, highlights the collaboration with Alto Global Processing as a genuine partnership. The forward-thinking team and visionary leadership at Alto Global Processing position the company as a powerful and trusted ally. The mutual outlook on the future of payments is expected to drive ongoing enhancements in solutions, ultimately enhancing the global merchant experience. The partnership signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of payment orchestration.

Microservices Architecture Approach

WLPayments brings its microservices architecture approach to the partnership, strategically positioning the collaboration to meet the needs of businesses seeking rapid scalability and adaptability. This approach empowers enterprises to respond swiftly to evolving market trends and innovations, fostering agility in their operations. The synergy between Alto Global Processing and WLPayments heralds a new era of efficiency in payment orchestration, promising streamlined and responsive solutions for clients.

Global Recognition for WLPayments

This strategic collaboration coincides with WLPayments’ noteworthy achievements at the Global Payments Innovation Awards hosted by The Digital Banker. WLPayments secured victory three times at this prestigious event, underscoring its commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that redefine the landscape of payment orchestration. The recognition received further validates the company’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence.


The partnership between Alto Global Processing and WLPayments signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of payment solutions, combining technological expertise and forward-thinking leadership. As Alto Global Processing aims to enhance its client solutions with WLPayments’ cutting-edge technology, the collaboration is expected to bring about significant advancements in fraud management, dispute resolution, and data analytics. With a focus on agility and adaptability through microservices architecture, the partnership is poised to address the dynamic needs of businesses in the rapidly evolving payment landscape. WLPayments’ global recognition adds an extra layer of credibility to the collaboration, reinforcing the commitment to excellence and innovation in payment orchestration.

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