Coinstone Capital deploys RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution for their Alternative Investment Fund

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Coinstone Capital, a Dutch investment fund that invests in early-stage blockchain projects that’s also a Holland Fintech Member, along with RIDDLE&CODE, a European Blockchain interface company that builds hardware and software stacks, recently announced the deployment of RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution. RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution is a custody solution that writes all transactions to a […]

Introductory guide to key issues in cybersecurity and GDPR compliancy

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One month out from the anniversary of GDPR implementation in the Netherlands, we asked the cybersecurity experts in our ecosystem to introduce the trends they have noticed one year into GDPR’s reign. This guide highlights prominent cybersecurity risks to personal data protection as well as GDPR compliancy issues that are concurrently aroused. It is hoped […]

Isignthis teams up with Prasos

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It is reported that the parties have signed a partnership agreement, under which Prasos can use iSignthis’s patented process, Paydentity, to meet upcoming AML compliance requirements. Isignthis is a payment identity technology company helping clients in the sectors of AML Regulated and Financial Services, to better comply with the regulatory requirements for payments and identity […]

OptInsight’s research article on the ‘Opt-in Challenge’

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Joining forces with the reputed law firm Baker Mckenzie, OptInsight has co-authored an informative article pertaining to the exercise of direct marketing in conjunction with the EU’s GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. Titled as Direct Marketing and its Relevance: The ‘Opt-in Challenge’, the article analyzes what has changed for direct marketing activities since the enforcement of the […]

Google, Microsoft & RBI enact ban in new wave of anti-crypto sentiment

In a new wave of anti crypto sentiment, Google will be banning crypto advertisements on its platform effective today. Similarly, Microsoft’s search platform Bing, has also announced that it will be dishing out its own ban on crypto advertisements by July. On a tangential note, the Reserve Bank of India has also decided to implement […]

Our next love affair: compliance

Embrace a paradigm shift The world of regtech needs to embrace a paradigm shift. The trials of compliance should instead be thought of as an attractive draw card. Also, regtech solutions should promote a mindset of integration. While regtech is providing FIs with solutions to the plethora of EU regulations and directives, implementation of multiple […]

The Paypers’ Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication Market Guide 2017-2018

In their 6th edition of the Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication Market Guide, The Paypers shares an incisive compilation of insights, technologies and best practises in combating fraud from a variety of leading solution providers. The guide leverages the diversity and authority of its seasoned contributors to provide nuanced views from different aspects of […]

Fintech A.M.: 12-1-2018

In today’s fintech A.M, systemic roadblocks represented by the delay of new rules on dark pool trading in the MiFID II and ongoing economic uncertainty post-Brexit have not hampered the innovative drive of fintech companies in introducing new solutions to old problems. Much Ado about MiFID II The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has […]

Open banking: developments

Open banking has garnered significant attention over the past year. In this article, we examine a few of the defining trends in the industry—connectivity, regulation, changing customer expectations and banking landscapes, and fintech collaborations—therefore providing an up-close view of what all the buzz is about. Technology Connectivity with APIs At the core of open banking […]