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Weekly Research Highlights – 2 March 2021


For this week’s research article, we explore diverse topics from fintech, ranging from microfinance, insurance, innovations, financial services, quantum computing solutions, data analysis, UK fundings, data visualization & insights, to the fintech market. Enjoy the insights!

MFIs During the Crisis (CGAP & Symbiotics)

The findings of this study show that, as of October 2020, microfinance institutions (MFIs) remain resilient and have managed to stop the negative trends reported in the first half of 2020. However, profitability levels could weaken further, depending on the ability of MFIs to recover their restructured portfolios and manage potential solvency challenges. Read more

Global insurance market trends (OECD)

This annual report monitors global insurance market trends to support a better understanding of the insurance industry’s overall performance and health. This monitoring report and the GIS database provide an increasingly valuable cross-country source of data and information on insurance sector developments for use by governmental and supervisory authorities, central banks, the insurance sector and broader financial industry, consumers and the research community. Read more

Managing the Winds of change (WCR)

The findings of this study highlight how technological innovations in financial services are affecting every sector of the financial industry and generating a surge of new applications. The results show how policy responses to fintech developments in approximately 30 jurisdictions worldwide are implemented, and propose a new conceptual framework, “the fintech tree”, that distinguishes 3 categories: fintech activities, enabling technologies, and policy enablers. Read more

How Quantum Computing Will Transform These 9 Industries (CB Insights)

This research piece dives into the potential solutions that quantum computing has to offer across diverse sectors, from healthcare to finance to artificial intelligence. For the financial field, quantum computers could help improve financial analyses by parsing through data more quickly, running better forecasting models, and more accurately weighing conflicting possibilities. Another area of finance quantum computers could change are Monte Carlo simulations — a probability simulation used to understand the impact of risk and uncertainty in financial forecasting models. Read more

UK FinTech deal activity hit record highs in 2020 as funding declined (FinTech Global)

The report presents insights into how investors shrugged off Brexit and Covid-19 uncertainty and backed 376 FinTech rounds in the UK last year. The UK FinTech industry entered 2020 on the back of a record-breaking 2019 which saw £6.7bn invested across 345 transactions. FinTech investment in the first quarter had a strong start with £1.3bn capital invested while deal activity increased by 28% compared to the first quarter of 2019 to reach 96 transactions. Read more

Transforming data collection from the UK financial sector: a plan for 2021 and beyond (Bank of England)

This paper documents insights learnt about the problems with data collection – and the possible remedies for those problems – before setting out our aspirational vision for data collection. Technological advances and automation mean that more data than ever before is being created and captured. Simultaneously participants across the financial system, including authorities like ourselves, expect more high quality, timely data to guide them in their decision making. Read more

The power of data analytics in fintech solutions (FinTech Futures)

With the data revolution in financial services being already set in place, data analytics for fintech solutions still is proving to be a challenging task.  Although financial institutions may be well acquainted with data, using that data to provide actionable insight, learn about trends, and drive innovation and growth is something altogether different. Now, institutions of all sizes in the marketplace can connect and analyse data to drive better business decisions. Read more

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