Event Recap: PensionTech Summit 2018

Last week, our annual PensionTech summit was held at the MN Services and Caballero Fabriek buildings in The Hague, spanning two days to accommodate the sheer crowd size and diverse expert line-up. Attendees comprised of bankers, consultants and pension fund employees heard from speakers from varying niches of technology, finance and actuarial science; with insights […]

Technology in the pension sector: article by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds

In a recent article by the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds, Martijn van Eck talks about the role of technology in the world of pensions. As you can read in the article (in Dutch), Martijn stresses the importance of prioritizing technology and innovation by pension funds and providers. Fintech offers many opportunities within the […]

The future of the pension industry by Paolo Sironi

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The future of the pension industry In the video below, fintech thought leader and author Paolo Sironi shares his thoughts on how to push the pension industry forward and improve the current situation. More specifically, Paolo briefly discusses 3 aspects that can be improved in the pension industry: Changing the way institutional investors […]

The publication of the PensionTech Infographic

The PensionTech Infographic On May 17, Holland FinTech will officially present the second edition of the PensionTech Infographic, during the PensionTech Summit on 17 May. The infographic is a visual representation of the Global PensionTech landscape. The infographic will be compiled of new, innovative and disruptive companies as well as incumbent pension parties that are […]

The pension industry: today and tomorrow

In the last few years, the rate of pension reforms in OECD countries has slowed down, according to the OECD. However, new technology, innovations and improvements in life expectancy and changes in the nature of work among many more factors should be driving forces behind constant developments in the pension sector. In this article we […]

Blockchain and pensiontech: the tip of the iceberg

That blockchain has a great potential within the financial landscape is clear by now. Especially within the pension industry, the benefits of blockchain can be of significant value. How this technology can be used might be less clear to many. This article briefly touches upon a selection of blockchain-characteristics that may prove valuable in the […]

Pensions: how does tech impact the value chain?

Evolutions in the technologies implemented in the finance industry are leading major transformations. Pensions, one of the most conservative fields in the ecosystem, do not escape the firm hand of progress. Digitization shifts our ways of communicating and analyzing financial data, eventually impacting this industry. This influence can be felt throughout the several layers of […]

The Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds partners up with Holland FinTech

This week, the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds published their policy agenda. In the agenda, the federation states that future pensioners will become increasingly responsible for their own pension, as the government as well as employers are pushing this responsibility away from them. Resultingly, this shift of responsibility requires a strong adaptability by all […]