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As I referred to in my last blog, September/October is policy season in the Netherlands, a time when different policymakers present holistic policy agendas for the coming year to the public via His Majesty King Willem-Alexander’s annual speech to members of the government and legislature. Even though this years’ agenda is quite balanced and addresses […]

Introductory guide to key issues in cybersecurity and GDPR compliancy

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One month out from the anniversary of GDPR implementation in the Netherlands, we asked the cybersecurity experts in our ecosystem to introduce the trends they have noticed one year into GDPR’s reign. This guide highlights prominent cybersecurity risks to personal data protection as well as GDPR compliancy issues that are concurrently aroused. It is hoped […]

Research at a Glance: Week 12

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Cashing in on the trends: marketing in the banking sector  By Kin + Carta In overviewing the key trends in digital marketing amongst banks, this report is able to ascertain the effective methods and strategies to reach and engage different consumer groups. It also addresses the increasing conversion to cashlessness due to the underlying convenience, […]

Regtech outfit Compendor expands offerings

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Compendor assists companies in understanding their compliance needs by offering easy-to-use decision-making tools that help them ascertain regulation’s impact on their business models. The Frankfurt-based outfit says it distinguishes itself from its competitors by bringing together leading experts and technology. It bases its services on this and the fact that regulation demands companies go beyond […]

EU agrees on a Cybersecurity deal to strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity

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The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission have reached a political agreement on the Cybersecurity Act. Constructing an EU framework for cyber-security certification, the Act reinforces the mandate of the European Union Agency for Network and Information and Security (”ENISA”) in order to better support Member States with handling cybersecurity threats and attacks. […]

Research At A Glance: Week 48

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Financial Regulator Development Focus  by Sherman & Sterling  This snapshot is an overview of European and global financial regulatory developments. In particular, it explores the legality and effects of Brexit, an updated MiFID2 suitability briefing and the exploration by three central banks of issuing Central Bank Digital Currencies. Is Open Banking open for business? by KPMG The […]

Digital lenders could save 70% on KYC and AML costs

An Autonomous NEXT authored report released by Mitek, has targeted manual KYC and AML procedures as a major hurdle for digital lenders to overcome before competing with incumbents on price. Entitled “European Digital Lenders: How operating efficiency is helping digital lenders attack a $150 billion annual origination market across the Eurozone in 2018”, the report […]

Capgemini publishes World Payments Report 2018


Authored by Capgemini, the 14th edition of the World Payments Report (WPR) analyses the new global payments ecosystems with a focus on non-transaction volumes, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the changing and dynamic nature of payment service providers’ roles, and the resulting new horizons for payments and transaction banking. Acknowledging the continuous growth of non-crash transaction […]

Research At A Glance: Week 42

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A journey through the FCA regulatory sandbox By Deliotte The FCA’s sandbox was built for firms to test innovative products. Deloitte spoke to firms that are participating or have participated in the sandbox about their experiences in the journey. The majority of those spoken to said their journey through the sandbox delivered tangible value. The […]

OptInsight’s research article on the ‘Opt-in Challenge’

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Joining forces with the reputed law firm Baker Mckenzie, OptInsight has co-authored an informative article pertaining to the exercise of direct marketing in conjunction with the EU’s GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. Titled as Direct Marketing and its Relevance: The ‘Opt-in Challenge’, the article analyzes what has changed for direct marketing activities since the enforcement of the […]